Alpaca Crias Intrigued By Cat

by David Murray on March 19, 2013

Young animals, just like young humans, have to learn their way around the world. Sometimes they come across puzzling creatures.

Today I came across this humorous YouTube video of two crias (that’s what baby alpacas are called) intrigued by a strange furry creature rolling around in front of them – a cat.

I hope you enjoyed that. I did.

Fleece and Fibre – From Where?

by David Murray on July 20, 2012

Amazon ImageSome weeks ago I obtained for use with some of my other sites a research tool which makes it easy to find the most popular products sold on Amazon. For some reason unknown to me I’d never used it for this Fine-Alpaca site. Then this evening it suddenly occurred to me to ask it “What are the most popular items sold on related to alpacas?”

In a matter of seconds I had the answer and at the top of the list, with more reviews than any other item and every one of them 5-stars, was the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook (2011). I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never seen a copy but with unanimously rave reviews I don’t hesitate to link to it from here.

In well over 300 pages, with many illustrations, More than 200 breeds of sheep, goats, alpacas, vicunas, rabbits and other fleece and fibre producing animals are described along with the characteristics of their fibres (or ‘fiber’, as the book uses the American spelling). British rare breeds are well covered too.

So here it is again: The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook on

For those viewing from the US, here is the link to the book page on

Alpaca Clothing & Gift Suggestions

by David Murray on November 25, 2011

Here are four alpaca gift suggestions at widely varying prices.

We’ve included a book of twenty-five beautiful alpaca garment designs from Peru – here sourced from Foyles of London.

The other three items come from John Lewis: a gorgeous black coat (in 52%/48% alpaca/wool), a man’s jumper in alpaca/cotton mix, and a luxuriously soft alpaca throw (200cm x 150cm) for your sofa or your bed.

If these don’t quite fit what you’re looking for click on one of them nonetheless and see what more there is on the site to which you are taken.

For even more see our Alpaca Gift Shop

Steiff Classic Brown Alpaca Teddy Bear

November 17, 2011

We have previously posted details of Steiff’s beautiful and also their “Limited Edition Giant Alpaca Moon Bear“. Each of these is a wonderful production which will delight children and older collectors alike, and with good care should retain value down the generations. They are the larger “giant” models, 60cm and more in length. Today we’re […]

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Alpaca Jigsaws

October 29, 2011

These alpaca jigsaws will make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts for family members and friends. Here is a small selection. Click on a graphic to get price details and to order securely through Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of An Alpaca from Specialist Stock Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Alpaca at Vauxhall City Farm from PA Photos

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Steiff 036514 Alpaca White Polar Bear 65cm

October 20, 2011

This beautiful polar bear is from the world-famous maker Steiff. The company has been making bears for more than a century and older models can often fetch large prices at auction. A Steiff new bear today will give pleasure to generations, and may even prove to be a good investment. Price on Amazon:New Prices From […]

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