“Alpacas for Sale”

Buyer beware – Prepare well. If you are interested in buying alpacas, or are investigating the possibility of investing in an alpaca farm, you will want to find reliable suppliers and to make certain that you’re doing the right thing.

On this site we do not offer alpacas for sale, and have no plans to do so. However, at various points on each page you will see Ads by Google. Many of these are from alpaca sellers offering animals for sale.

Careful Preparation

Alpaca face

If you are new to alpaca farming, and even more so if you’re new to livestock management altogether, you should ensure that you prepare yourself thoroughly before taking the plunge and committing yourself to purchases.

  • Read extensively and carefully:
    • Web sites – we suggest some on our Resources page;
    • Books – see our alpaca books page;
    • Trade magazines – if you’re in the UK a “must” is the Alpaca Magazine from the British Alpaca Society.
  • Visit alpaca farms – many are open to visitors and are very helpful to beginners.
  • Attend alpaca shows, and meetings of alpaca enthusiasts if there are any in your area.
  • Talk to knowledgeable people … talk, talk, talk … ask questions; don’t be afraid of admitting you’re new to it all.

You do not, of course, need to develop to the point of being a world-class alpaca expert before launching into caring for a few animals, but you should make sure that you have educated yourself in the basics, have made adequate preparations, and have found some good sources of advice to guide you as you go along.

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