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Alpaca Rupert Bear

For more than a century the Teddy Bear has been a favourite child’s cuddly toy, and nowadays many are produced as collectibles rather than toys. Other stuffed animal figures, of course, go even further back. Some become close bedtime companions, often with chewed ears and paws. Others are arranged meticulously in displays on bedroom shelves and cupboard tops. Yet others are carefully preserved as collectible heirlooms of the future. They vary from miniatures to giants of more than sixty centimetres.

Taking pride of place among all Teddies surely must be the alpaca bear. Made using the deliciously soft alpaca fleece these are the princes among all bears, and none more so than those from the Steiff family, truly the “royal family” of alpaca Teddies. A Steiff alpaca bear would make a superb gift for any child … or indeed for many an adult collector.

Alpaca Bears from Steiff

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We shown above a broad selection of Steiff teddy bears made with luxuriously soft alpaca fibre, and also have included some Steiff animals of other types. By clicking on any of these you will be taken to the site where you can explore for additional bears and other animals. We also, on other pages, display a wide range of alpaca clothing.
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